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Oak Systems Leisure Software products have had major success under retail license worldwide.  If you would like to enquire about licensing any of our products please contact us at  info@oak-systems.co.uk

Deal or No Deal

apoal.jpgdondsml.jpgThe Deal or No Deal television game show has had huge success all over the world in the last couple of years. We spotted the potential for it to be a PC game immediately on first seeing the show at the end of 2005. We finally got a publisher on board with it in the form of Mindscape by the end of 2006. In February 2007 the first PC game, for the French language version of the show A Prendre Ou A Laisser was released. This first offering did not have the host of the French show Arthur in the game, however he was on the cover.

Next came the UK version, again with Mindscape.  This time we had the host Noel Edmonds involved in the game as well as on the packaging. The game has a 3D model of Noel as well as life like contestants with the emotions from the show.  This game is currently in the top 10 of the PC game charts in most major shops and supermarkets in the UK.

affari_tuoi.jpgdond-germany.jpgThe Italian language version next for the show Affari Tuoi. The layout and gameplay of this is similar to the British Deal or No Deal game using a similar contestants.  The set had to be redesigned and new scoreboard graphics and sound added.

The German language version of their Deal or No Deal show differs from the previous 3 as it does not have a panel of contestants to interact with nor boxes to open.  The German show is based more on the US show and has 26 pretty girls opening suitcases for a single contestant.  This mean major redesigns of the game play, new graphics, sound, set model and of course 26 girls instead of the contestants previously made.

Dr Penny Adams Brain Trainer - Mindscape Australia

pennyadams.jpgDr Penny Adams’ Brain Trainer is published by Mindscape in Australia.  It is a 25 game 5 category brain trainer. 

Mindscape's Brain Trainer UK and Australia
braintrainerthumb.jpgBrain Workout 1 has been published by Mindscape in the UK and Australia as Mindscape's Brain Trainer. In the UK it is distributed by Focus Multimedia.
L'Entrainerur Cerebral in France
brainfrance.gifIn France Brain Workout 1 and 2 have had huge success as the L'Entraineur Cerebral range published by Mindscape.  It has also been released and localized in Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Portugal and Germany. 
Ubisoft Mind Quiz in the USA

mind_quiz.jpgUbisoft pulished our brain trainer in the United States as Mind Quiz.  The PC had 15 brain training games in 5 categories and a slick makeover of the user interface.


Top 5 Games

  1. Complete Brain Workout
  2. Sudoku Works
  3. Maths Trainer
  4. Brain Workout 1 and 2
  5. Kakuro Works
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