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Cover Mounts and Promotions

Licence our products for a cover-mounted CD-ROM?

If you publish a magazine or newspaper, a cover-mounted software CD-ROM can significantly increase your sales. 

covermount.gifOur products have been used as succesful cover mounts on magazines and newspapers worldwide

The example on the left is our Brain Workout 1 game which was rebadged as "Train Your Brain In Seven Days".  This was pubished in The Independent On Sunday as part of a book and software promotion.



On Box Promotions


We can rebadge our software to your requirements. 

The example shown is our Sudoku Works PC game rebadge for Purina Felix cat food.  The campaign was so successful they split the game into 3 disks; Easy, Medium and Hard.  The interface was redesigned to include pictures of the felix kitten and the trademark paw prints on buttons



Corporate Giftscbwsml.gif and Promotional Giveaways

Give our software to staff and customers and gifts.  Complete Brain Workout inlcudes 46 games.

We also produce puzzle books which can be rebadged to your/your clients corporate identity. Puzzle books have proved to be an excellent trade show and direct mailing giveaway.  The customers start playing with them on the journey home.





Puzzle Books and Calendars

calendar.gifOak Systems provided the puzzles and artwork for the hugely successful Barnes and Noble Su Doku calendar  2006 by Terry Stickels and www.sudokuworks.com.  The calendar is a 365 puzzle a day calendar.  It sold 100 000 copies in the US last year. 




bathroomsodoku.jpgWe also provide the puzzles for puzzle books which are then rebranded.  Examples are the Terry Stickels books Bathroom Sudoku and Bathroom Kakuro.   We have over 50 types of puzzles we can use for books including Sudoku, Kakuro, Wordsearch, Crossword, Codewords and Brain Teasers.





We can provide puzzle books for news stands and for trade show promotional giveaways.

 A price guide is 50p each for 25,000 ordered


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Top 5 Games

  1. Complete Brain Workout
  2. Sudoku Works
  3. Maths Trainer
  4. Brain Workout 1 and 2
  5. Kakuro Works
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